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Online Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

Website Optimization for Better Search Engine Rankings

What will Online Marketing & Search Engine Optimization bring to you?

Online Marketing for more success

  • New customers
  • New markets => new potential
  • Increases in revenues and profits
  • Increased level of awareness
  • Larger marketing and advertising budgets
  • The needs of your customers can easily be measured

Online Marketing for Greater Success

Successful search engine optimization means that supply and demand are brought together. Supply comes from you and demand from your customers. For one thing, the keywords utilized by your customers can be determined. Our aim is now to get your website into a relevant position on search engines to attract customers’ interest in you as a supplier.

A simple example: you offer Italian furniture for sale on your website. Our aim is now to get your website into the top ten of various search engines with the search keywords "Italian furniture". If a visitor to a search engine now enters "Italian furniture", your site will appear in the top results.

Our company has many years of experience in this field. We offer you the possibility of entering new markets - without risks or large-scale investment.

We will not optimize the following sites for search engines:

  • Websites with racist, indecent or questionable content
  • Websites, whose content is against the law
  • Websites, which could have a negative impact on young people

If you would like to know more about these services, please contact us. Normally, we begin with a free initial consultation, where we collect information about your products, your business, your aims, and your ideas. We need this information to be able to put forward an individual quotation to you. Additionally, the following factors make up part of the free analysis.

  • Current competition on the Internet
  • Customer and market potential
  • Number of main and subpages, which need optimization
  • Number of keywords (search terms)
  • Construction of your site - static and / or dynamic
  • Use of CMS, forums, online shops
  • Current optimization
  • Number of real visitors and current ranking(s) on search engines

The factors listed above influence the preparation of our quotation. Search engine optimization is not a one-off matter. That means that we need to make adjustments daily or weekly so that your website gets to the desired rank and stays there.


A Quick Look at the World of Search Machine Optimization

We would like to give you a quick look at what we can "optimize". We distinguish here between two forms of optimization, which are both used simultaneously by us:

1. On-page optimization

This classic area refers to all current possibilities on the site itself, i.e. changes to the content and structure of the website, which is important for a strong ranking.

2. Off-page optimization

This is about increasing the number of inward links. These are links to your site, which are relevant to the topic and rated by search engines as a form of recommendation.


Have we aroused your interest? We look forward to hearing from you!

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