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FAQ - Questions and Answers

Information on the services offered by Kourtis Internet Solutions

  1. What are domain transfer fees?
  2. Can I order webhosting, even without a domain?
  3. How can I withdraw from my webhosting and / or my domain(s)?
  4. How can I transfer my domain(s) to you?
  5. Do you also have flexible domain & webhosting offers?
  6. Which software / scripts are part of the webhosting?
  7. Is there any discount for larger orders?


1. What are domain transfer fees?

Transfer fees become due, depending on the TLD (Top Level Domain), if you transfer a domain to another provider. Let’s suppose that per year you pay more for a domain to your current provider than you would pay to us. Now you have the possibility to do the transfer. On certain TLD’s it is free of charge for certain customers or providers and not free of charge for others. You can obtain further information on our domain page. You are welcome to contact us with further questions at any time.


2. Can I order the webhosting, even without domain?

YES, this is possible. You can order your hosting package with us and have your domain on stock of another provider. Please bear in mind, though, that we don’t have any influence on the settings of the name server. In this case, we are not able to optimally support you, if you are not familiar to the settings, since, as already mentioned, the administration is not with us.


3. How can I withdraw from my webhosting and / or my domain(s)?

According to our General Terms and Conditions, the cancelation period is 3 months both for the webhosting and for the domain services. Cancelations must be in writing. Either via fax to: +41(0)43 540 05 70 or via letter to: Kourtis Internet Solutions, Streulistrasse 73, CH-8032 Zurich. Unfortunately, we cannot accept your cancelation via E-Mail. Please read our General Terms and Conditions carefully and get in contact in case you have further questions.


4. How can I transfer my domain(s) to you?

Simply order the domain with webhosting via the order form. When ordering please mention that you wish a transfer. On the domain registration page you will get an overview of which domains you are able to transfer to us free of charge and with the duration already paid.


5. Do you also have flexible domain & webhosting offers?

Of course. In case the solution packages 1 - 3 do not meet your requirements, we are happy to make an offer for hosting tailored to your needs. Please get in contact with us so we are able to submit a non-binding quotation.


6. Which software is included in the hosting subscription? Which scripts?

If you have your webhosting with Kourtis Internet Solutions, you are authorized automatically and free of charge to use the pre-installed software. Pre-installed means that you only choose the software and the destination folder. The rest will be done by the system. You can also obtain an excerpt of our current software list here: Script & Web Software


7. Is there any discount for larger domain or / and hosting orders?

It depends on the volume. We now also offer a reseller connection. If you would like to administrate your own customers or you have a larger stock of domains, it makes sense to become a reseller. If you are interested in selling domains at cost prices, you are welcome to contact us. Pleasebear in mind that this service is not aimed at end consumers. Our services for end consumers can be found at the following link. You can get further information about this topic here: Reseller - Information