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Your Internet Service Provider in Switzerland

Us as an ISP and you as a customer of our company

Our company offers private individuals and companies Internet services in the following fields:

Internet Service Provider ISP for domain name registration, webhosting and Internet services

  • Webhosting / Webspace leasing
  • Web Services
  • Allocation of domain names (140 TLDs)
  • Online-Marketing - Webpage Optimization
  • Reseller possibility

We try to meet all your needs as a customer with flexibility and a strong and wide range of services. Our prices are fair and below average market prices. Support is free of charge and available indefinitely. Our customers not only decided on us because of our low prices and our wide, flexible product range; they also chose us because we as a company are able to respond to individual requirements. You determine the direction and we support you.

Our webhosting offer consists of three precast solutions. Of course, you as a customer have the possibility to bundle a package according to your requirements. Talk with us about it, we will send you a non-binding quotation.

For the benefit of our customers we separate the domain offer from the webhosting. This means, that you don’t have to have your domain registered with us to be able to use the hosting. Also the other way round, you are able to register domains with us and have your webspace with another provider.

As well as webhosting and domain allocation, we additionally offer the following services:


Our company invests in new software innovation, services and web projects and these are free of charge for the customer or user. On the project page, you will see some of our Internet projects.

Furthermore, we would like to expand and develop our range of service in customers’ interest. Also in future we will, of course, pay particular attention to our customer satisfaction.

Your opinion counts!

Do you have an idea as to what we can improve for you? We are happy to receive your suggestions and comments, any time. Please use our contact form for these.